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29/09/2023 12:29

Foods for healthy teeth

There is a proven link between a healthy diet and healthy teeth. While sweets are not recommended to prevent tooth decay, there are certain foods and drinks that are best enjoyed on a daily basis. Here are some foods whose composition can help mainta

25/09/2023 18:09

Cornbeard: relieving hip pain

Hip pain and discomfort can have a major impact on quality of life. Whether you're walking, running or sitting, hip pain can disrupt your daily routine. The most common types of hip pain are often caused by deviations in the joints of the lower limbs

11/09/2023 19:03

Dogta-Lafiè hospital opens 4 new departments

Dogta-Lafia, a level 4 referral hospital, opened 4 new departments on Monday September 11. These are the Odontology Department, equipped with a dental prosthesis laboratory, hemodialysis, interventional cardiology with coronary angiography, and surgi

21/09/2023 17:18

Soft erection: causes and remedies

An erection that's less vigorous, less long-lasting or even non-existent. It may not just be a question of fatigue or stress. There are often overlooked and sometimes very serious causes of this problem.

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22/09/2023 16:21

Okra: to combat unhealthy fats and heart attacks

Okra, with its scientific name of « Hibiscus Esculentus », also known as « fétri » in Mina or « okra » in Nigerian, is a vegetable that is well known for its use in everyday food. It is also extremely beneficial to health, particularly the heart. Its